Going Gorilla

This just in:  If a gorilla becomes tired of the visitors at a zoo, he simply turns his back to them.  In his mind, supposedly, if he can’t see them, they don’t exist.

I think I’m going to try this for a while.

Facebook has a feature where you can “block” someone so they don’t see your posts and you don’t see theirs. Somehow…this is different from “unfriending” someone.  So, I am now going to start blocking those FB people that post things I find offending.

My gut tells me this is wrong.  They exist and therefore, I need to confront them.

My experience tells me that if you like Trump, if you vote Republican because you “always vote Republican”, if you don’t think Congress just passed a tax bill to pay back rich donors, if you think Muslims = terrorism or if you think gun laws have no impact on gun deaths, then you are not likely to change your mind based on anything I say or do.

So, I have elected to turn my back on you.  You personally.  I will still follow the news.  I will still look for opportunities to have my own perspective changed.

I just will no longer listen to your nonsensical, racist and uneducated blatherings.

I turn my back on you.


I got an Xbox for Christmas.  I turn 60 in 3 weeks and this is my first Xbox.

I have an army game that goes like this.  (Difficulty level set at amature)

Game: Charge the beach.

Me: jump out of boat and drown.


Game: Charge the beach.

Me: accidentally throw a grenade into my own boat, killing everyone.


Game: Charge the beach

Me: jump out of boat and get shot by every German on Normandy beach

This last step repeated itself about 20 times before I finally reached the beach.

I also have a car game that apparently consists of my constantly crashing on the first turn and killing myself.

And finally, there is a strategy game.  So far, I have spent an hour trying to figure out how to get out of the room I started in.

I love my new Xbox.

On the Gifting page…

I got my wife the best Christmas present of all time.  It’s a painting entitled Budapest Girl.  My wife is from Budapest and I sent my favorite picture to the artist.  Below is that photo I sent followed by the painting…

On the entertainment page…

I watched The Darkest Hour the other day.  Strongly recommended.

On the New Year’s Resolution Page…

I will keep last year’s resolution: The live life expansively and try new things.

I will add: To live life beautifully…quality over quantity.

Time to save the world.

UP, up and away…



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