This just in:  A retiring Republican, Corker, says that the White House is a Daycare center charged with taking care of our Baby-in-Chief.  I find this hard to argue against.

I just want to make a few points…

People are taking a knee at football games to protest police brutality against blacks.  They have said as much.  If you are confused about their motivations, ask them and they will tell you this is not about disrespecting the flag or lack of patriotism.  If YOU then say, “They are disrespecting the flag and are not patriotic” it is my opinion that you are a racist.  You heard a black man say “up” and you heard him say “down” because you wanted to create a reality that fits you.

I would love a tax cut…but first a few questions.  If you lower taxes, who gets the cut? (hint…the rich).  If you want to get rid of the Death Tax, who benefits?(hint…the rich).  Will the deficit go up? (hint…it will explode).  Will the American people get fewer services? (hint…if you mean less Social Security and Medicare then yes).  So, yes I want a tax cut but not the one being proposed by Trump.

On healthcare…Trump and the GOP want to take $800 billion out of healthcare and then pass what is left off to the states in “block grants” with the explanation that states can do a better job.  They should actually say, “We will take out a butt-load of funds and pass the crumbs that are left off to the states.”  They leave out that first part.  I would love better healthcare at a lower cost.  I am against poorer healthcare that is gutted to give $800 billion to the richest people in the country.

On North Korea.  I think Trump is trying to goad North Korea into a first strike so that he can go to war and claim self defense.  Trump is a draft dodger that wants to use nuclear weapons as therapy for his damaged psych and daddy issues.

On Iran.  Everyone agrees that Iran is in compliance with the agreement they made with the rest of the world.  Trump wants to pull out because Iran it feels presidential to his sick perspective of leadership.

On Las Vegas.  The White man being referred to as a Lone Wolf was in fact…a terrorist.  We don’t call him that because he’s not a Muslim.  The conspiracy theorists and pro-gun people…you are the real problem.  I watched an NRA guy on TV talk about how people want to defend themselves with guns.  In other words…if someone comes into your house and tries to take your stereo…you want to be able to shoot him dead on the spot.  Really?  There are people that feel like this?  I suppose there are.  They remind me of that kid on Christmas Story.  He has a fantasy about saving his family from bad guys with his Red Ryder BB Gun.  I think we have a lot of people with this fantasy.

On Russia.  I actually don’t care if Russia affected the last election.  I DO care that we are doing nothing about it and are going to allow Russia to impact the next election.

On the Truth.  Trump lies constantly.  Constantly.  I’m amazed that his followers will listen to him, knowing that he is lying.  They then filter out everything until they hear a lie that fits what they want to believe.  They then hold that up as evidence that Trump is making America great again.

I live north of San Francisco.  This morning, the air was virtually un-breathable due to local fires.  This quality of air is what Trump is doing to our air and water.  He has rolled back every environmental regulation he can find.

Trump is dangerous.

The people that vote for Trump are the illness that we, as a country, need to acknowledge.  We are racists.  We like war.  We like to hear things that support what we want to think is true.  Not all of us…but maybe 30%.  This is a big chunk of US.

We need to know they are there so we can confront them.  We can’t cure what we don’t acknowledge.

Up, up and away…


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