This just in:  I’m seeing all kinds of stuff on Facebook about “Stupid people making this mass killing about politics.”  The implication seems to be that opportunistic vultures are using this tragedy as a prop to skewer the political party they oppose.

Sure, there is probably some of that.

However, this IS a political issue.  It shouldn’t be.  Gun Control should be a common sense issue that has no political opposition.  But it does.  Unlimited funds make one party pass laws that allow things like Las Vegas to happen.  Money causes one party to oppose even the idea of looking into the issue of gun violence.

The mass killing in Las Vegas is the direct result of the Republican Party being paid to support those laws (or lack of laws) that would prevent such an event.  There is no shortage of evidence that “Gun Control” is vastly more effective than “Thoughts and Prayers”.

Politics matter.  Failing to pay attention to politics has results.  Pretending the politics will not affect our everyday lives is ridiculous.

Let me give you a few examples:

Healthcare:  The Republican Party wants to kick 25 million people off of healthcare. Why?  Because the Koch brothers have told them to get it done or they will dramatically cut back on campaign contributions.  Democrats are leaning towards universal healthcare which is used with great success throughout the world.  This matters.  This is politics.

Tax Reform:  The Republican Party has put forth a proposal that will give tax cuts to the rich while exploding the national debt.  Why? Money.

Environment:  The Republican Party is anti-climate change, anti-Green Energy and pro-fossil fuels.  Why?  Money.

We can destroy our planet.  We can give money to the wealthy while the rest of the economy is subsumed by poverty.  We can let infinite guns roam the streets in the hands of whomever wants them.

Or we can do something different.

Thoughts and Prayers are the lazy person’s solution.

I think right now is precisely the exact, right time to talk about how politics has caused the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

There are nearly 60 dead people in Las Vegas because of our Republican Party.  There is no other way to say this.

We can and should mourn the loss of life.

We can also start to take action; to do something that will prevent this from happening again.

Or…we can send our thoughts and prayers; pat ourselves on our backs for a job well done…and then repeat this exact same thing over and over and over again.

Up, up and away…


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  1. Valerie Kellogg

    Another excellent post, Jim. And unfortunately so true. Most people in Apache Junction (and many of the snowbirds who come here) are staunch Repubs, and no matter the issue, they don’t want to budge. I’ve even seen vehicles that still carry the Trump for President bumper stickers. Don’t know how to change their minds. But as for the elected politicians, I think it’s time we had a massive march on Washington DC. Without guns in hand.

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