This just in:  When I was in college, the one major you could take that would nearly guarantee a good GPA was Political Science.  The reason for this was that it was incredibly easy.  While smart guys were taking Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering…the football team took Political Science.

We are being governed by Political Science majors.

This trust of “small brains” cobbled together a plan, in secret, that will affect one-sixth of our economy.  They did this in a matter of days.  They did this without consulting medical experts, economists and their constituents.  They didn’t even bother asking the Congressional Budget Office for their assessment before trying to pass this bill.

What we got is the following:

  • A bill that only 17% of Americans want.
  • A bill that will kick tens of millions off of healthcare.
  • A bill that will devastate Medicare and Medicaid
  • A bill that allows insurance companies to discriminate against pre-existing conditions.
  • A bill that does ZERO to control costs.
  • A bill that takes over $700 billion out of current healthcare expenditures and redistributes that money to the wealthy.

So, the Republican Party came up with a bad healthcare plan.  I can’t blame them since they don’t possess the intellectual means of doing a better job.

However, their rationale for this plan seems a bit…like a lie.

They have two basic justifications.

  1. The first justification is that they promised to repeal Obamacare and they must do this so that they can fulfill a campaign promise.  This rings a bit hollow.  They must know that their plan is a disaster compared to the existing Obamacare.  They can’t possibly think that their constituents are thinking “I want you to replace Obamacare even if the replacement costs more, provides less coverage and kicks millions off of healthcare.
  2. The second justification is that by sending money to states instead of a centralized national plan, healthcare will get better.  They act as if this is a law of physics when in fact, it’s just words.  It’s as if I said,”stand over there instead of right here and you will find that an extra $20 miraculously shows up in your wallet.”  They will take $700 billion out of the plan and distribute what is left to the states.  By the way, the distribution will heavily favor the Republican States that vote for this plan.  California will get tens of billions less because they are a “blue” state.

I suppose we should break up our military and let the states buy their own tanks.  We should let states negotiate with North Korea.  We should let states decide if minorities should vote.  In  fact, we should eliminate the federal government all together since divestment of responsibility is a great cost saver.  <- This is the Republican position.

Now, we know these two justifications are wrong.  So, what is the real reason?

Simple….It’s all about the money.

The Koch brothers plan on spending a billion dollars on elections.  However, they have told the Republican Party that this money will not be spent unless Obamacare is replaced with something that saves the Koch brothers tens of billions in taxes.

That’s the reason.

In other words, the Republican Party is willing to destroy 1/6th of the economy of their country in order to keep donor money coming in.

Vote in 2018.

Up, up and away…





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