This just in:  We’ve all been hearing rumors about Life In The White House under president Trump.  He throws fits, behaves childishly and is basically self destructive.  While there is plenty of live evidence suggesting this may be true, we can’t really be sure unless we are a fly on the wall.

I do have a vision in my head of what it looks like in there.  Here is what it is…

General Kelly, Chief of Staff (aka “The Nanny”):  “Donnie, take that out of your mouth!  You don’t know where it’s been.

Trump: “Awwww….you never let me have any fun.”


Nanny: “Donny!  Get down from there this instant.  Don’t make me come over there or so help me….”

Trump: “All the other Heads of State get to climb on stuff.  Why can’t I?”

Nanny: “If all of the other Heads of State jumped off a bridge, would you?”

still later:

Nanny: “Who has seen the Donnie!  I can’t find him anywhere.”

Aide: “I saw him go into a closet with a telephone.”

Nanny: “God Damn it!  I told you people to keep an eye on him.  He’s probably talking to that Bannon kid; the one that’s been such a bad influence on him lately.”

still later:

Nanny: “Donnie, what have I told you about pulling the wings off of flies?”

Trump: “I knowwwwww.  Don’t pull wings off of flies.”

Nanny: “And what did I say about deporting 800,000 people that have spent their entire lives living, learing, loving and working as if they were Americans?”

Trump: “Don’t kick them out of the country and send them to a place that they no nothing about.  I never get to have any fun!”

Donnie throws himself on the floor and has a tantrum.  When that’s run it’s course, he gets up and fires a couple of aides.

still later

Nanny: “Donnie!! What’s this I hear you’ve been fighting with Kim Jong Un?”

Trump: “He started it.  He’s just a big Panda Head anyway.”

Nanny: “I’m putting you on a time out.  That means no Fox News for 2 days.”

Trump: “God Damn it!’

As you can see, General Kelly has his work cut out for him.  I wish him well.  My guess is that he’s not a Trump fan but sees his “nanny work” as a way to save our country from Donnie.

He’s probably right.

Up, up and away…



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