This just in:  I want to give everyone fair warning that you are being judged…by me.

I try not to…but it’s hard.

Since I can’t “not” judge, I feel that the best I can do is give you fair warning about how I interpret what you say.

Let’s start…

You say: “We are a nation of laws.  This is why DACA needs to end and we need to send 800,000 people back across the borders.”

What I hear: “I am a racist and am using the “nation of laws” idea to justify my not being a racist.”


You say: “All terrorists are Muslims.”

I hear: “I fear that my Christian beliefs may not be right but by squashing all opposition and painting them in a dark light, I strengthen my case that my belief in a certain quality of magic is the right and proper belief.”


I say: “Name just one thing Trump has done for America.”

You say: “Too many things to name.”

I hear: “I have no idea what to believe until I turn on Fox News (aka Trump TV) and listen to what they tell me to believe.”


You say: “LGBT rights are against the bible.”

I hear: “I am a little gay and I’m afraid that legitimizing it will make me all gay.”


You say: “Obama was an embarrassment.”

I hear: “Obama was a nigger.”


You say: “Voter ID laws protect our elections.”

I hear: “I don’t want minorities, the poor and the elderly to vote because they may not vote the way I want them to.”


You say: “Abortion is murder.”

I hear: “I can’t help but push my beliefs onto others.  This makes me feel righteous.”


You say: “Trump is not a racist.”

I hear: “If Trump is not a racist, then I am not a racist despite my actions and beliefs.”


You say: “We should take out North Korea.”

I hear: “I have zero understanding of the implications of war on the Korean peninsula but talking tough gives me a war-boner.”


You say: “Benghazi and Hillary emails.”

I hear: “Trump has given me nothing to brag about so I will resort to tearing down someone else so he doesn’t look so bad by comparison.  Bringing up Hillary shows just how far down the well of history I will reach to find something to use as a distraction from Trump’s latest scandal of the week.”


I think you get my point here.  That point being that you can hide from yourself but I think I see you quite plainly.

I may be wrong but I’m probably not.

Up, up and away…




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