This just in:  Today, at the end of this post, I will make a prediction.

But first…

I have two book recommendations:

  • Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard Thaler
  • The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols

The first book explains why the economy does not always act like we think it should.  The second takes on the subject of our apparent growing disregard of expertise.  Anti-vaxers think they are right.  Climate deniers think they are right.  We swallow political nonsense when experts tell us the exact opposite.  I’m only starting the book and it doesn’t appear that the “why” is actually the topic but rather the “what”.  What is it that we are actually doing and does it matter?

I have a Netflix recommendation:

Watch Ozarks.  This stars Jason Bateman who is one of my favorite actors.  There is a lot of action and every character is well developed and odd in his or her own way.  This is a series and only has one season thus far.

On the racist page...

I was watching a black reporter interview a couple at a KKK event.  They said right to her face that she was less than them because she was black.  They quoted the bible to prove their point.  When she asked them if they thought they were racist they said, “no.”  See…this is the problem.  Racists don’t think they are racists.  They think they are right.

Still on the racist page...

Here is a pop quiz…Which political party is anti-muslim, anti-hispanic, anti-immigrants anti-“take care of the poor” and pro-“Let’s keep the black people from voting”?  Which party is this?

If you said “Republican”…then you get a gold star.  Now…if you are a Republican and reading this…you will either (a) deny the characterizations I just made or (2) justify them so as to make you “right” and therefore…not a racist.

The last bit of racist page…

Tearing down Confederate statues is NOT erasing history.  The Civil War will still be taught in our schools.  Movies will still be made about it.  However, we don’t need monuments to a rebel rising against our government with the intent of retaining the right to own people.  That’s all I have to say about that…

On the funny page…

This may not be funny to you but I’ve been laughing about it for a week.  On Reddit, someone asked the question “What is the worse thing that has ever happened to you on an airplane.  The following was one of the posts and the subsequent comments.

  • Poster: One time a guy died of a heart attack.  We were over the ocean so couldn’t land.  They just put a sheet over him and left him in his seat.
  • Commenter:  Didn’t they try to revive him?
  • Poster:  Yeah, but this guy was like….super dead.

I have been laughing at the idea of a guy being super dead all week.

On Trump…

Tonight Trump will lay out his plan for Afghanistan.  I have zero belief that this is “his” plan as he probably couldn’t find the place on a map.  Hopefully he relied on his generals.  I heard he reached this plan after careful deliberation with his cabinet…you know a group of people appointed to jobs because their sole qualification was they were grotesquely unqualified for the position.

Trump is also preparing to tell us in a few days that Iran is violating their nuclear deal.  The fact is that they are not, however, Trump has directed those around him to fabricate a case that says they are.

Why would Trump want the distraction of a fight with Iran?  He wants this because the best way to hide a needle is to build a haystack (Heard on Rachael Maddow).  Trump desperately needs us to be looking at something other than his racism and Russian affinities.

Now for my prediction…

Tonight on CNN, Paul Ryan will be holding a Town Hall meeting.  During this meeting I predict he will say the following two things, both of which are false:

  1. “Obamacare is in a death spiral”
  2. “The United States is one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world”

Now, I will not try to convince you these are lies.  If you believe them then you are either (1) a Fox News watcher or (2) one of the people the author writes about in the Death of Expertise book I mentioned above.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…




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