This just in:  I haven’t been posting much lately.  The reason is that given the current political environment, I tend to get wrapped up in politics.  However, it’s not much fun to poke at someone that is so easily poked.  Trump is visibly inept and any attempt by me to point that out is feeble compared to Trump’s own ability to do so.

However, I want to make a couple of points; points that focus on pity rather than critic.

I am of the mind that we are a fear-driven species.  Yes, I know I could argue love-based just as easily.  Perhaps the best way to look at what drives us at any given moment is to imagine a line.  At one end is pure love; at the other, pure fear.  We live somewhere between these two endpoints, vacillating back on forth, depending on the issue and confluence of inputs.

Where we are on this line determines our behavior (according to nobody but me.)

I’m also of the opinion that fear is expressed as anger and hate.  When I see those things, I know I am seeing fear and I feel pity for that person.

Let me give a few examples…

If someone is homophobic, it’s because they fear homosexuality.  My observations tell me that the more homophobic you are, the more you actually fear that you may be a homosexual yourself.  Since this is still a stigma…there is reason to fear it.

There are people that are very, very rich and continue to take actions to make sure they can get even more money.  These people are driven by the fear of never having enough.  Somewhere, early in their lives, they became afraid of doing without.  This created a neural pathway in their brain that is now like an old wagon wheel rut.  They can’t help but think they may run out of something.

People fear Muslims because the Muslim belief system is slightly different from their own.  This casts doubts on their own position.  “I’m a Christian and there are a ton of Muslims.  Suppose they are right and I am wrong!”

Immigrants!  People fear that these people will take away their jobs.  Digging deeper you find a fear that immigrants, seen as a lower caste, may actually out-perform native whites.  Therefore, let’s get rid of these immigrants.

Blacks!  How can a descendant of a slave be better than me?  The fear of this actually being the case causes people to protest with signs declaring White Supremacy.  I see those signs and I see fear; I see insecurity.

We fear the poor and push them away as if distance between us and them will keep us from become them or worse…them becoming us.  How dare a poor person get a free meal and then an education and then a better job than me!

There is another component to all of this…We fear and hate because looking in the mirror and admitting to ourselves that we are afraid is just too hard.  It’s much easier to blame our hate on something external.

Try this:  Go up to a racist and ask them why they are a racist.

Inevitably, you will hear, “I’m not a racist.  I’m a patriot” or some other such nonsense.

Racists don’t think they are racists.  They think they are right.

The mirror tells them otherwise….but it’s just too hard to look.

Up, up and away…


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