This just in:  I wrote a post about Schrodinger’s Trump the other day.  Now I feel I need to add to this.

Yesterday, ex-FBI Director Comey testified in front of Congress.  During his sworn testimony, he called president Trump a liar more than once.  The White House response was “The President does not lie.”  Now, maybe Comey was lying and Trump never lies.  However, I have seen absolutely no evidence to back up this position.  In fact, calls Trump the biggest and most prolific liar they have every checked on.

Aside from denying that Trump lies, the White House also went to work today with more distractions.

I watched Trump talk about infrastructure rebuilding.  He promised new seaports, roads and airports.  He then stood their with his smug expression acting as if he had actually just built seaports, roads and airports.

If this was his first ever speech, I would have stood up and clapped.  However, I have learned.  Trump promises all sorts of stuff and then sits back and Basks in the Glow of Nothing.

He promised Healthcare For All at a price that would be much better.  Instead, he backs a plan that would throw tens of millions off of healthcare while doing nothing to contain costs.  When confronted with this he says something like “It will be so great” and then basks predictably as if he had not just lied directly in the face of evidence to the contrary.

In another venue, (Facebook), I noticed there seemed to be a lot of Climate Denying going on.  I checked only one source which turned out to be a conservative talk show guy I’d never heard of.  I went to his Wikipedia Page and it gave him the following qualifications: (1) Was a Republican candidate for some office, (2) Wanted to be a test pilot, (3) Narrowly missed an appointment to the Air Force Academy and (4) Dropped out of college due to a low grade point average.

He is basking in the glow of nothing.  Let’s take these one at a time: (1) Being a candidate but not winning is the same as not being a candidate and not winning.  (2) Wanting to be a test pilot is not the same as being a test pilot or even having any of the traits needed to be a test pilot.  (3) When applying to a military academy, you either get in or you don’t. They don’t say, “ooooo….you missed getting in by just this much.”  Claiming to have almost gotten in lessens the achievement of those that actually made the grade. (4) Too low a GPA is the same as saying he flunked out.  If you can’t handle the curriculum from a standard university, I guarantee you will not make it at the Air Force Academy.

This guy is like Trump.  He says things, great things, and then sits back and basks.

They do this for one reason…it works.  Some people have a hard time distinguishing the difference between Bravado and Achievement.

Thus far, president Trump has accomplished nothing.  There is no healthcare plan.  There is no tax plan.  There is no extreme vetting,  There is no protecting Medicare.  There is no wall.  There is no end to ISIS.  There is no infrastructure plan.

I would go on to talk about his infrastructure plan which is to privatize roads and bridges and airports.  However, this will never happen because Trump has no idea how to make things happen.  But…let me say this…Privatization of Prisons has been a colossal failure.  Imagine what would happen if a For-Profit company owned our roads, bridges and airports.

Time to save the world.

Up, up and away…




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