This just in:  I’m noticing a lot of people online still arguing the Global Warming issue.  The Pope has said doing so is akin to believing Earth is flat.  I thought I would check in on this.

First of all, I don’t think the Earth is flat.  I say this in spite of the fact that I have never been in outer space to see the roundness of the planet with my own eyes.  I’m not a scientist which is precisely why I rely on scientists to provide me with facts that I cannot gather, process and understand on my own.

Congress (Republicans) like to say that they don’t know about Climate Change because they are not scientists.  If this is true…why to they tell me that God is against abortion if they are not God?  Why do they fund a military if they are not soldiers?  Why do they create a budget if they are not economists?

I could go on and on but the point is this: We rely on experts to help us understand things we are not expert at ourselves.

Everyone knows this.  The Republican Party knows it.  They must have a different reason for ignoring what scientists are saying. I suspect it has something to do with a quote from Upton Sinclair.

There are those that say the science is inconclusive.  There is no shortage of information online stating that very fact.  Rather than read everything on this subject, I instead look to what the rest of the world has deduced from the facts at hand.  I do this because the combined intelligence of 7 billion people is significant.  Yes, they could all be wrong, but I’d rather put my money on the masses rather than the negligibly small number that think otherwise.

Now…here is the real point I want to make:  I don’t care if climate change is real or not.  I don’t care if its man-made or not.

And yet…I think we should act as if it is.

Let’s consider 2 possibilities: (1) Climate Change is Fake and (2) Climate Change is real

(1A) If Climate change is fake and we do nothing to fight it.   No big deal.

(1B) If Climate change is fake but we try to fight it anyway, here is what we get: (1) globally there will be millions of clean energy jobs, (2) we will be polluting the planet less, (3) we will move to a renewable energy as opposed to staying with a finite source of energy (4) we no longer need to go to war over oil (5) the advancement of any field of science nearly always yields byproducts that benefit society in way we have yet to imagine.

(2A) If Climate Change is real and we do nothing, we are truly screwed.

(2B) If Climate change is real and we try to fight it, we get all of the same benefits as if it was fake and we tried to fight it; plus we save the planet.

Of these 4 options, only those that have us taking action will guarantee a positive outcome.  This is true regardless of whether Climate Change is real or not.

I personally think its real.  I also think Earth is not flat.

As for those of you that think Climate Change is Fake AND we should do nothing to combat it….I suppose you are welcome to hug the flat planet all you want if that suits you.  After all, science doesn’t need for you to believe in it in order for it to be true.

Up, up and away…




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