This just in:  Trump came back from his World Tour having made friends in the Middle East and Enemies in Europe.

Put aside issues like selling arms to Saudi Arabia or acting like a drunken tourist or bashing NATO.  All of that stuff is certainly cringe-worthy and is typical Trump behavior.  For this post, I don’t want to talk about that.

I want to focus on the Paris Accord.

This is an agreement between several countries to try and reel in pollution in an attempt to stop or slow global warming.

The United States is one of the world’s biggest polluters but we have always stood by the idea that together, the countries of the world could make things better.

Then along came Trump.

First, let’s be clear about one thing: Trump has no principles.  He has no favorite issue or platform.  I say this because he flip flops daily on all types of issues; based apparently on what position will get him the most strokes at that moment.

There are two issues he apparently does feel strongly about.  The first is that Vladimir Putin is a great guy.  The second is that we need to be eliminating environmental regulations, not increasing them.

He likes Putin because Putin has something on him.

But what about this pollution thing?  Why does the Donald like us to burn lots of oil?

This certainly doesn’t come from some intellectual perspective.  Trump has no idea about how virtually anything works.  He only pretends he does.  For example, he is against the largest international trade agreement in history but has no understanding of basic international trade concepts such as “the strength of a country’s currency” or “the far reaching impact of tariffs.” (To date, he has not mentioned one single article int the Trade Agreement that he has an opinion about)

No, Trump does not understand environmental issues.  If you tried to teach some of the basic principles to him, his attention would wander off after a couple of minutes.

So, I ask myself: “Why would Trump care about an issue he knows nothing about?”

The answer comes when I realize that Trump is all about Trump.  What will he get for opting out of the Paris Accord?  How does that benefit him personally?

Well, we have only to look no further than those pulling his strings: Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Both of these countries have economies based almost exclusively on oil.  The more oil the world burns, the more vibrant their economies are.

The Paris Accord is the end of the line for Russia and Saudi Arabia.  If the world converted overnight to all green energy, both of these countries would become poor versions of Somalia.

This is the number one reason Russia wants Trump in the White House – To get the United States to opt out of the Paris accord.

This is the reason Saudi Arabia bought billions of dollars in weapons from the United States in such a way as to give credit to Trump. This is also why they donated $100 million to Trump’s daughter’s cause – To get the United States to opt out of the Paris accord.

These two countries are the Trump’s puppet masters:  Saudi Arabia because they know how to appeal to him and Russia, because they somehow are able to blackmail him.

There is another reason to get out of the Paris Accord.  The Koch brothers hate Trump, but they are one of the few sources of money for the Republican Party.  The Koch brothers are heavily invested in fossil fuels.  This means the Republican party is heavily invested in fossil fuels.

The end result of this is that when Trump says “I want out of the Paris Accord” the Republican Party will stand around him and praise his bold visionary leadership.

There you have it.  Vote in 2018.

Up, up and away…


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