This just in:  I wanted to further document my quest for a pain free back but first…a short story about something that happened yesterday.

A kid, maybe 22 years old, is going house to house, looking for someone that knows how to jump a car.  He has cables and a dead battery but no idea what to do next.

A neighbor pointed this kid out to me and asked if I could help him.

I pulled my car over to his and it just so happened that our batteries were too far apart for his cables to reach.  The only way this would work would be for me to pull around to the other side.  However, there was a car there, so we needed to back his out of the parking spot a bit so I could pull up next to him on the other side.

I said, “Get in the car and I’ll give you a push”

He got in his car and I leaned into it.  The car didn’t budge.

“Put your car in neutral,” I said.

“Okay,” came the reply.  I pushed and still…the thing wouldn’t budge.

“Take off the brake,” I said.

“Okay,” and the car suddenly moved easily.  I stood up as the car slid backwards.  Imagine my surprise when there was the kid standing next to his car, watching it roll towards the  cars parked across the street.

“Get in your car can hit the brake!!” I yelled.

He hesitated for a moment, unsure of what was going on.  Fortunately, he was able to stop the car before it hit anything.

I don’t know about anyone else….but this was hilarious to me.

Onto the back pain…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am enrolled in a Stanford University study on back pain.  I have been filling out a daily survey about the degree and duration of daily pain.  On May 31st, I start attending a weekly class to teach either meditation of behavior modification.  I will randomly be assigned to one of these.  Also next week, I spend an hour in an MRI as they apply pain somehow. They want to see what my brain does.

This week I went to a 4-hour pain testing session.  For 4 hours, they guy applied pain a number of different ways, always saying, “Tell me when it becomes unbearable.”  The most common pain application was a chunk of metal that had a big electrical cable running between it and a big mean looking electrical thing.  The metal would be strapped to my hand or my back and then they would ramp up the temperature until I was too much.  On another test, they would send 10 pulses of high temperature to my hand or back; each felt akin to being whipped (I imagine).  Suppose there was a hot frying pan and someone touched it to your back 10 times….That’s sets of 10.  There were several sets.

Anyway, that is in my rearview mirror.

So onward….

In the meantime, Advil, yoga, core strengthening, hanging upside down, tens units and pain cream all seem to be working well.  My back is better day by day.  However, you can never Un-Herniate a disk.

Up, up and away…


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