This just in:  I died last night at around 8:30 pm, CST.  I know this because I remember it like it was yesterday.

I recall being born at around 4:30 am.  I was disoriented at the time and then, after a few moments, I realized I was in a hotel room in Saint Joseph, MO.  That was the start of a great life; one of many that I’ve had.

Breakfast was waiting for me in the lobby.  I could eat all I wanted!  They even had coffee that I could take along with me; complete with a lid and a little sleeve to make sure I didn’t burn my hand.

I spent a large part of that life at a manufacturing plant.  I met a lot of people; some for the first time and some that I remember from a previous life.  They were all glad to see me.  We’d talk about their lives and mine and how together, we could set the stage for even better future lives.

On the way back to my “hotel of birth” I stopped to get a pizza.  I probably didn’t need the calories or carbs but, hey, you only live a few thousand times.

Back in the womb-room, I watched television and thought about my day.  I’d called my wife and thought, “How lucky can one guy be.”  I called two of my kids, both had birthdays yesterday.  They are doing great!

Overall, it was a great life.

From the moment I was born, I knew it would end.  My goal, one that flittered in and out of my consciousness, was to make it a life that I could look back on and think, “That was well lived.”

Eventually, with a full tummy and warm blankets wrapped around me in a cool room, I died….content.

Past lives are great things.  I can learn from them and, while they seem to influence future lives, they only do so if I allow it.  I’m in charge of each life that I live which means that I can choose my perspectives, my memories and my goals.  I can do this every day but there is one catch.

I can only choose well if I’m aware that I have the ability to do so.

A life left to be lived by accident will look like…and accident.

I only have hours to live this life.  Tonight, I’ll die another death.  I’ll be at home with my family.

It will be perfect.

Just before I close my eyes for that last moment of life, I’ll reflect back on how I lived.  When that happens, I want there to be no regrets.

I know I’ll live again but that is for another day.

Up, up and away…



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