This just in:  I have noticed a few behavioral traits of Trump that I’d like to put here for posterity.

  1. When something goes well and there is praise to be handed out, he is the first in line; this is true even if he had nothing to do with it.  For example, a company makes plans in 2015 to open a plant somewhere in the United States.  Trump reads a story which is the latest update on these long standing plans.  He then proudly announces that “I’m bringing back jobs.  Just look at this article!”
  2. When something goes wrong, Trump is the first to blame someone else.  Comey firing went south so he blames others.  He claims he was wiretapped and when that is shown to not be true, he blames some story he read or saw on television.
  3. Trump has a short attention span.  Watch him in an interview.  It’s not unusual for him to start to free-associate and forget the question all together.  His staff reports that his briefings have to be in short sound bites.
  4. When interviewing and then getting backed into a corner about a lie, Trump will do one of the following 3 things: (1) Redirect.  Ask him about voter fraud lies and he goes off on Hillary.  (2) He will claim that “lot’s of people have said that.  “That” being the current lie he is trying to justify and then (3)  He says “You know what I’m talking about” as he tries to get you to unwittingly participate in his lie, “The NSA is spying on everyone.  Lot’s of people are talking about it.  I know you’ve heard it yourself.”
  5. He creates bigger disasters to cover the latest one he has caused.  For example, when Comey first testified before Congress, Trump got skewered.  Trump’s response was to say, “Obama’s Rice unmasked some guys.  That’s the real story.  That’s what everyone is talking about.”  For the record, no one was talking about Rice doing something that was completely proper.
  6. Trump is a counter-puncher.  He readily admits this.  If someone crosses his, especially in public, Trump will go out of his way to write some sort of nasty tweet like saying Saturday Night LIve is losing it’s ratings.
  7. Trump likes to watch himself on television.
  8. Trump lies, a lot.  Politifact says that 68% of the statements from Trump that they have investigated have been rated as Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire.
  9. Trump clings to old school thoughts like Mexicans are taking our jobs or Marijuana is a gateway drug.
  10. Trump admires tyrants like those running Russia, Turkey, North Korea and the Philippines.
  11. Trump appears to know virtually nothing about what is going on. He doesn’t understand international trade deals.  He doesn’t understand healthcare, he doesn’t understand diplomacy and he doesn’t understand the military.  What he does understand is how to act like he understands.  I have yet to see a Trump interview where I sat back and thought, “Now there is a guy that knows what he is talking about.”

Watch for these traits.  They are your cliff notes to understanding Trump.

Up, up and away…



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