This just in:  The Republican Party is trying to pass a national health care plan with the following 2 goals in mind: (1) Get rid of the policy that was put in place by the opposing party because “It was put in place by the opposing party” and (2) Reduce the tax burden on the wealthiest Americans (those that are the biggest donors to their party) that is due to any national health care plan.

Notice the absence of any motive that has to do with what is best for our citizens as a whole.

We hear about “patient centered healthcare.”   This is a nice bumper sticker slogan but it means nothing.  I can pick my own insurance now.  I can pick my own doctor.  I can pick my own level of coverage.  I can take it with me from state to state.

Trump, who appears to know nothing about Obamacare or Trumpcare is making promises that are in direct conflict with the actual bill the Republican Party is selling.  I heard on Congressman say that Trump was threatening people with their jobs if they don’t support his bill.  “Vote for the bill I know nothing about or I will not support you during reelection.”

Let me make just a couple of points; knowing that I am beating a dead horse…

  • The neutral Congressional Budget Office has not yet rated this latest plan.  This means those voting on it have no idea about the cost and coverage impact of what they are voting on.  And yet…they will vote.  Why?  They claim there is some urgency.  That is why they spent an entire 9 days on this latest plan and can’t wait for another week to see what the CBO says….this after having 7 years to come up with something.  My guess is that they know what the CBO will say and it won’t be what they want to hear.
  • If the cost of this plan, to the government, is less but our healthcare needs remain unchanged, then that missing support from the government will fall onto our shoulders.  If you think government has no business in healthcare…then stop reading now and go do a bit of research on Economics, the Free Market and Healthcare.
  • High risk pools mean that those with pre-existing conditions will be corralled together and have to pay more.  The GOP claims the government will help with those higher plans…all the while providing less financial support than before.  This comes down the to following claim: By having healthy people in one group and sick people in another group we will somehow pay less even though their overall needs have remained unchanged.  This way of thinking openly demonstrates and complete lack of understanding about how insurance works.
  • When pressed on how costs will go down, the Republican claim is that their reorganization will reduce inefficiency but provide no evidence as to why that would be the case.  In fact, there is nothing in the bill to address efficiency.  It’s just a bumper sticker.
  • The government plan to supplement insurance for high risk people is “Send us the bill and we will pay it until we run out of money.”  Two problems.  First, they are going to provide much, much less money than before so that well will go dry quickly.  Secondly, this means a healthcare provider can charge whatever they want; even if its far above what your insurance will pay because they know they will get money from the government.  This type of “cost plus” billing is the exact opposite of “efficiency.”

In the end…I look at Trump and shake my head.

Then I look at the GOP and think…they are no better.

I once wrote a story about how an underaged kid got a local mentally handicapped man to buy buy alcohol for him.  This is how the Republican Party is using Trump.  He is constantly confused (someone should investigate why we had a Civil War) but is the rubber stamp for whatever the GOP wants.

Right now, they want a tax cut for their big donors.  Trump is just there to talk about himself in the third person and sign whatever is pushed in front of him.


Up, up and away….



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