This just in:  There are things going on right in front of us but the “spin” makes them almost unnoticeable.  I thought I would point out a few.

Healthcare:  Right now, Obamacare says that insurance companies must accept new patients with their pre-existing conditions and they can’t charge those people more than others.  What this means is that the insurance companies must take on high risk people but then spread the cost of that risk among everyone.  This is the essence of insurance.

The GOP is saying “Insurance companies must offer insurance to people with pre-existing condition BUT they can charge those people more.”  So, a person with cancer will pay significantly more than someone without cancer.  By significantly, I mean tens of thousands of dollars more.  The GOP calls this “making insurance available” but leave out the part about affordable.  They do claim lower premiums which will be true for those that don’t have pre-existing conditions.

So, I am old and you are young.  Age is my only pre-existing condition.  I will pay far, far more than you.  As I age, my insurance will go up; pushing me towards bankruptcy at the end of a long life.

This is the GOP healthcare plan.

More Healthcare:  The GOP wants insurance companies to be able to compete across state lines.  They can do this now.  I have Kaiser.  I can move to another state and still have Kaiser.  I can buy my plan in California and then take it with me to Kansas.  I have seen no evidence that insurance companies are terrified of the GOP plan because “competition” will cause them to lower their rates.  No evidence.  This is a false premise offered to those that read chapter 1 in their very first class on Economics and think they have a handle on things.

Flynn:  The White House claims it fired Flynn because he lied about his ties to Russia.  Specifically, Pence claims he was lied to by Flynn and had no idea about Flynn’s Russian connections.  The truth is a congressman told Pence specifically about Flynn way before Flynn was given the position of National Security Advisor (he has a copy of the letter he sent to Pence).  Next week, a previous Attorney General will testify that she also warned Pence about Flynn in advance.  So, Pence lied and in doing so, actively participated in the Trump/Russia coverup.

Spending Bill:  The GOP is claiming victory in the latest spending bill.  Why?  Because they were able to spend 5 times as much money on the military as they did on the rest of the country. Paul Ryan is openly bragging about this.  This is my opinion but…our military is big enough.  Infrastructure spending has a return of 4 to 5 times what we invest in it.

As I write this, Republican Congressman Steve King was on CNN.  He would not say the new plan guarantees coverage of pre-existing conditions and claimed everything was working fine before Obamacare.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

On the funny pages…

Within the last two weeks, both Trump and the Republican Congress have threatened to close down the government that they are running.  In both cases they blamed the Democrats.

Up, up and away…


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