This just in:  I started out as anti-Trump but still hoped that he would be successful.  As time goes by, it is clear, at least to me, that Trump is spectacularly unqualified for the job of President of the United States.

It has been “Opposite Day” for more than 100 days in a row now.  For example, I think coal is a dead industry and see jobs in Green Energy as Trump gets rid of regulations on coal; pretending that regulations are the reason coal is on the way out.

Yes, he could be mentally ill but I can only speculate as I am not a psychologist and he may just be eccentric.

He’s made a lot of money but, had he simply invested his dad’s seed money in a stock market index fund, he would have been much richer than he is now.

Yesterday, he said Andrew Jackson was upset about the Civil War and yet…Jackson died 16 years before the war began.

My impression is that Trump is just not a very intelligent person.

I have created a quiz that I think most of us would do well on.  Based on what I have seen of Trump thus far, I would be surprised if he was able to get ANY of the following questions right…

  1. Give two instances where the strength of the dollar is preferred to be strong, or weak; your choice.
  2. Name one, very specific thing that you don’t like about NAFTA.
  3. Name one, very specific thing that you don’t like about the TPP.
  4. Name one, very specific thing you don’t like about Obamacare along with your plan to fix it.
  5. Name any 5 Amendments in the Bill of Rights.
  6. Why will “competition” among healthcare providers bring down prices when it never did before?
  7. Make your case for Trickle-Down economics.
  8. Name one case presided over by the Supreme Court justice you just picked.
  9. Name three consequences of tariffs.
  10. Name 5 members of NATO.
  11. Name just 3 people that voted illegally in 2016, that were NOT Republicans.
  12. Give an example of one job you have created as the result of your being president (Position created for your daughter does not count).
  13. What is the difference between a Bill and an Executive Order?
  14. What is nepotism?
  15. What document contains the “emoluments clause” and what does that clause mean?
  16. How many aircraft carries does the United States have and name the location of any 3 of them.
  17. When did Andrew Jackson die?
  18. What is the definition of a Free Market?
  19. Name just five members of the EU.
  20. Find Germany on a map.
  21. Name one person, other than yourself, that believes either of the following (1) Obama wiretapped you or (2) 3 to 5 million people voted illegally.
  22. Give one instance where your negotiating skills have gotten something accomplished while in office.
  23. Why are you talking about jobs when the United States has far more jobs than it has qualified people to fill those jobs?
  24. What specific traits of the following cabinet members made you choose them for their positions: Sessions, Flynn, Devos, Pruitt?
  25. Give three instances of fake news and provide evidence that those instances are fake.

Trump doesn’t know what is in ObamaCare or its replacements.  Trump doesn’t understand economics.  Trump has no idea how to conduct Foreign Policy.  Trump does not understand the Tax Code. Trump does not understand issues regarding the Environment, Education or Poverty.

But the biggest problem is: Trump is to caught up in himself to bother learning anything new.

Up, up and away…





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