This just in:  My New Year’s Resolution was to live a more expansive life; to broaden my horizons.

Oddly…this is harder to do that I thought.  Turns out doing nothing new is my default mode of operation.

I find that keeping a resolution is a lot like trying not to fall asleep while meditation.  I forget that I’m meditating and fall asleep anyway.  Just like I forget I’m expanding and slip right back into my old and familiar routines.

Now, my wife and I have a plan.

We live in Marin County.  She just came across a Best of Marin article which has at least a year’s worth of expansion in it.  We will start going to the Best Beach or the Best Indian Food or the Best Whatever.  Our mission will be to knock off as many of the things on this list as we can before the year is over.  I’ll keep you informed.

On the back pain page…

I am now enrolled in the Stanford Study on back pain.  I fill out a daily Pain Survey.  I will get and MRI in a couple of weeks and another one in a few months.  They will measure my brain somehow to see if my ability to mitigate and manage pain can be measured.  There are weekly group sessions where they teach meditation and various behavioural changes that are supposed to be effective.

I was taking Gabapentin for pain but turn out it makes me kind of stupid.  Since I spend most of my time on near the “stupid line” as it is, I’ve given it up and now rely on Advil.

Cub reported Kim recommended a cream.  I ordered some but it turns out I ordered a different cream. (I was still taking Gabapentin at the time).  So, I started using this new cream and it works quite well!  Imagine that.  It’s called Penetrex.

On the Trump page….

I watched Face the Nation on Sunday and my suspicions were confirmed – We have a mentally unstable man as president.  Don’t take my word for it, read the full transcript yourself here.

I have no idea where our country is heading with regards to Healthcare, Tax Reform, Foreign Policy, Education and Infrastructure.  I have no idea because Trump is sending mixed signals, the GOP is trying to spin everything Trump says so they can do what they want and the Democrats are being led by a couple of ancients whose entire platform is to stand next to Trump with a shirt that has an arrow pointing to Trump and says, “I’m not with him.”

One new nugget I saw yesterday is about Pence.  He is the VP that was lied to by Flynn about Flynn’s ties to Russia…or was he?  It turns out that Pence led the vetting of Flynn and was well aware of Pence’s ties to both Russian and Trump.  He was not lied to because he knew all along!

I’m thinking that the Democrats are starting to smell blood in the water.

Time to save the world…

Up, up and away…


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