This just in:  As a Superhero, I have access to a Super Computer; one very similar to IBM’s Watson.  I can ask it a question and it will give me the most likely answer. In other words, if there is smoke, it will reach the conclusion that there is something causing that smoke.  I’ve decided to interview it with regards to the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

The following may or may not be a transcript of that interview…

Me:  Why doesn’t Trump want to show his tax returns?

Computer:  Because they would tell you something bad about him; something worse that what is currently being speculated.  Otherwise…he would show them to end the speculation.

Me: Is Trump being blackmailed by the Russians?

Computer: Yes. He has three weaknesses in his personality that are typically used for exploitation by the Russians.  He has frequent money problems and needs to be bailed out.  He has women problems and has been known to hang out with a notorious pedophile.  He is easily manipulated by praise and criticism.

Me: Is this why Trump never says anything bad about Russia?

Computer: Of course.

Me: Why are the Republicans supporting Trump?

Computer: Because to do otherwise would not help them.

Me: What does that mean?

Computer:  Trump is at once, their rubber stamp and their fall guy.  The Republican Party works for big campaign contributors.  The Koch brothers, for example, like big oil and so the GOP needs Trump to take the blame as the Republican Party trashes one enviromental protection after another.  Many wealthy contributors want fewer taxes so the Republicans will manipulate Trump into several actions that cut taxes for the wealth.  The GOP has made a career out of using Obamacare to say what they don’t like about Democrats.  Now that they are in charge, they realize that their bluff has been called.  They need Trump to take the blame for a healthcare plan that is worse than what we are doing now.

Me: Is there another reason the GOP wants to get rid of Obamacare other than “It wasn’t our idea?”

Computer:  Yes.  Their new plan is another tax cut for the rich.  They are being paid by the rich, not to make healthcare better for Americans but to reduce taxes for the rich.

Me:  Why was Jeff Sessions so anxious to support Trump during his campaign?

Computer:  Trump promised to make him the Attorney General.  Trump needed loyalty in that position since it was anticipated that he would come under investigation about his Russian ties.  Sessions would be able to stifle that investigation.  When Sessions stepped aside, Trump was furious.  He’d hired Sessions to protect him (Trump) not get out of the way.

Me:  Is Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression democratic?

Computer:  You don’t need me to tell you that.  Ask any 8 year old.  These two practices are two of the three things that the Republican party does that are in direct conflict with the word “democracy.”

Me:  What is the third?

Computer: The Republican party runs on money from special interests.  They will do whatever it takes to keep unlimited campaign funds coming into their party pockets.

Me:  Why does Trump lie so much?

Computer: For two reasons.  First, he has a sickness that makes it difficult for him to understand the depth of impact his lying has on his and our country’s credibility.  Secondly, he gets away with it.

Me:  Why does he get away with it?

Computer:  About 37% of the American population will watch him shoot a man dead in the street with their own eyes and then believe him when he turns to them and says, “Obama just shot that guy…bigly.”

Me:  Is Trump a traitor?  By that I mean, is he putting his own interests ahead of the entire country’s?  And, is the Republican party equally guilty by knowingly allowing this to happen?

Computer: Yes and Yes.

My computer is starting to overheat so I think I’ll give it a rest for now.  There will be more to come.

Up, up and away…



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