This just in:  Like most of the world, I wonder that a phenomena such as Trump exists.  I’m not sure what is more interesting to me, his actions or the fact that he has actual people following him like puppies.

Then I look at everything whirling around him and think “How can we be tolerating this?”

Perhaps we are not.  Perhaps what is going on is exactly what people want to happen.  Maybe it’s My Perspective that is off.

To check this, I thought I would make a list of things “I just don’t get.”

I don’t get…

  1. Why we worry about Social Security when the solution is to simply lift the payroll cap.  Many don’t know this but after you make a certain amount of money in a year, you no longer pay into Social Security.  Right now the cap is $118,500.  So, once you make that amount, your taxes on the next dollar (and every dollar after than) drop by about 8%.  Not lifting the cap benefits only the wealthy. (Note: Follow the money)
  2. Why are we getting ready to implement a healthcare plan that will ruin the lives of millions of Americans – MILLIONS.  The elderly and the poor will be the most impacted.  Republicans will tell you its because of our debt; that we can’t afford to pay for healthcare.  Then, as they are saying that, they give a 3.5% tax cut to the rich; money saved by cutting services disguised as Repealing Obamacare. (Note: Follow the money)
  3. Why are we cutting social services, arts, the environment, aid to the poor, support the the U.N. and virtually every other service that could be defined as “improving the quality of lives everywhere.”  Republicans will tell you we have to do this so we can increase spending on the military, on homeland security, on a wall and on police forces.  Notice a trend here?  We would rather be afraid than beautiful.  We could pay for this military stuff with taxes but the Republican Party will not raise taxes because they are paid not to. (Follow the money)
  4. The Republican Party shamelessly backs Trump in spite of the fact that Trump is (1) a pathological liar and (2) Trump is clearly incompetent in every area ranging from basic leadership skills to foreign relations, to the economy and healthcare.  I would be hard pressed to find a single trait that he possesses that qualify him to be POTUS.  The back him in spite of daily scandals and so much smoke surrounding his Russian ties that we are at near zero visibility.

Am I alone in these things?

Right now Trump is wagging nuclear weapons at North Korea who is led by a Trump-like figure of their own.

We have turned the fate of the world over to the darkest side of ourselves.

That’s how I see it.  But then again…maybe I’m alone in this.

Up, up and away…


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