Orwell couldn’t have imagined this – our state of being and believing…

This just in: Ex-president Bush has been convicted of War Crimes by a court in Malaysia.  Bush’s response was to write a book about how to fix the economy.

In a recent speech, Bush used his vast amount of successful expertise to talk about how America is not doing enough to promote freedom around the world.  I think he is referring to the freedom we bombed into Iraq and Afghanistan.  My guess is that he wants to “bomb some freedom” into Syria and Iran as well.

As far as fixing the economy – I think the last person in the world to give advice on this subject is the very same person that spent 8 years bringing the entire economy of the world to its knees.

Speaking of the Economy…

Boehner is getting ready to hold the economy hostage again by not approving a raise to the debt ceiling.  If you think this is “just fine because we spend too much,” then skip this part because it exceeds your ability to understand.

The last time the Republican Party did this, the United States lost its AAA credit rating.  The only reason we didn’t see a big spike in interest rates was that we were still the best bet in town.

This debt ceiling issue will hurt the economy just like it did before. It will cause uncertainty in the market.  Companies will not hire. They will not expand.  Our credit rating will drop.  NOTHING good will come from this.  NOTHING.

Boehner will try to make this about the national debt.  Why?  Because he has nothing else to hang his hat on.  The economy is in recovery here, even as Europe’s is crashing.

Speaking of the Debt which the Republicans blame on Obama – here is a chart that I bet the GOP does not want you to see (note that both cover an 8-year period):

On the To Serve, Protect and Bash Heads Together page...

I really, really wish that all cops were heroes.  I’m not anti-authority.   I’m not a conspiracy theorist that sees “The Man” behind every travesty that goes against my own personal grain of How Things Should Be.

I just think cops should behave.

Here are some links to them not behaving.

Cops stealing money in Tennessee

Cops stealing money in Texas

Cops detaining mother for taking pictures

Cops detaining man for taking pictures

This type of thing is going on every day.  It’s getting to the point where I am starting to root for the crowd.  The crowd that thus far has stood by and taken a beating by men with clubs; men that hate themselves; men that put on a uniform because without it, there is no one to respect them.  One day, the crowd will fight back and I’ll be the first to stand up and cheer them on.

Now for a picture of a couple of polar bears…

On the Bombing for Freedom etc. page…

Several polls recently have shown that the American public is in favor of deep cuts to the military.

Why are they being ignored?  Good question. I might also ask, why are the following popular opinions being ignored: (1) Most of us favor equal rights for gays, (2) Most of us favor health care for women, (3) Most of us favor universal health care, (4) Most of us favor raising taxes on the rich, (5) Most of us favor separation of Church and State, (6) Most of us favor keeping Medicare and Social Security untouched, (7) Most of us favor helping the poor (not to be confused with helping the lazy), (8) Most of us favor affordable public education, (9) Most of us want more Wall Street oversight, (10) Most of us want research, renewable energy and a space program.

Most of us know the difference between a hand up and a hand out.  Although there are those that would tell you its the same thing.

The problem is that about half of us fail to recognize where the problem lies.  (Hint: look at the actions of our two political parties – actions, not words…)

Now for a cute gif (animated picture)…

On the Funny Pages…

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee recently looked at the JP Morgan crisis – the one where they just gambled away over $2 billion in investor money – and said, “What we need to keep this from happening is  LESS regulation.”

This is as amazing as Mitt Romney claiming he bailed out the auto industry.

You might ask, “How could someone believe such a thing?”

To this I give you your quote for the day (that I got from this link):  “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

This quote explains why the Republicans are anti-regulation, anti-environment and pro-oil subsidies.

I’m just one small voice trying to save the world.  Wanna help?  Grab your cape and follow me.

Up, up and away…


A couple more pictures…

Picture depicting distance to the moon from Earth





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2 Responses to Orwell couldn’t have imagined this – our state of being and believing…

  1. Dave Hoff says:

    Jim, is that Upton Sinclair quote from one of his books and, if so, which book? Thanks.

    • Jim Dillingham says:

      Hi Dave,

      I just looked it up. It’s from I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked.


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